You can totally recall

A lot has happened since the last post.

First the bad – hardware gods saw fit to strike me down with a hard drive failure. Kudos to ACC Computers of Dickson for dealing calmly with the wild-eyed man who burst through their doors demanding SSD, HDD and portable storage just to be sure. As always, setting up and re-configuring everything was a massive pain but thank goodness for the miracle of  cloud based source control.

Secondly the good – two new places are in which completes (sort of, mostly, the first cut of) tier 2 locations. Tired of West Marwich Edge? Why not try North Marwich Edge? It’s a little foggier, a little darker and quite a bit more dangerous. While you’re there say hi to some members of Roun’s newest character type, Insectoid! And if you are going to North Marwich you might as well wander on a little further east to the sinister shores of Lake Cultair, just a short stroll from Mason’s Field. Meet interesting people like Witches, Warlocks, maybe even the odd Werewolf.

Thirdly the good the second – you might have noticed that there is now a videos pages on the site. I’ve posted a trio of how to play missives. They’re a little rambling and far too long but if you think you can put up with my droning monotone then please check them out.

Lastly I’ve now implemented the recall system. If you go to the travel options and are not in your starting city (the city you originally chose when you created the party) you will see a button labelled recall just under your gold at the top left. Click that to return instantly and for free to your home city. I kind of wrestled with whether there should be some kind of penalty for recalling or maybe a time out. Finally I decided on this penalty less system for three reasons. One, timeouts aren’t fun. Two, it’s really enough of a penalty that you’re going to have to pay your way back to where you recalled from. Three, this might serve as extra encouragement to use the arena system and give players a sense of belonging to the specific arena of their home city.

Next up, the crafting system. Also, I’m really going to have to make a decent short promo video (the three videos I’ve posted so far are totally unfit for that purpose).

P.S. The Cancon booking has been confirmed and paid for. If you’re in Canberra 27-29th of January 2017 please stop by – I’m on table eight in the link corridor.