Wintercon is coming

It’s been a busy month since the last post!

The first two tier four locations are in. Swing by the Peregrine grasslands and say hello to some new characters – Plains Giants, Mammoths and Hippogryphs. Experience the new NPC skill, Stomp, which is just as nasty as it sounds. Prefer something a little chillier? Adventurers who are already aware of Hidden Lake may continue their journey westward across the Broken Spine mountain range and discover Frostbite Ridge. There you may encounter Chaos Lights, Abominable Yetis and a new member of the Dragon character type – Drakes!

The first two of six planned necklace quests are now in place. Fairfield’s Poet Laureate has an outlandish theory she needs help proving. In Osseltoni, some traders are being squeezed by a recent spate of highway robberies. These quests are the only way to gain items for a character’s neck slot and are designed to be done in stages starting at tier one but culminating in tier three content. So if you have a Bard or Rogue in your party they should head back to their home cities and investigate the goings on.

Further work has been done to make the game more stable. We’re not quite there yet, but we’re getting closer to a solidly reliable client.

Also, current players will have noticed the new direction being taken for location art, the login and party selection screens. This less realistic look should hopefully give us a more consistent look and I for one really like it.

Wintercon is on this weekend! If you’re there look for Roun in the participation games area and pick up a flyer with your Wintercon Shield code!