Trolls! The good kind (sort of… not the social media ones anyway) roam unchecked through the thick foliage of West Marwich. Who will venture deep into the woods to confront this menace? Be sure you are prepared before taking up this challenge as this is Roun’s first tier three location. Many more will follow! At present the only route to West Marwich is via North West Marwich Edge, which can be reached from Birchwood. Speaking of, Birchwood’s leatherworker has a new quest for any hunters with an idle bow but she can only offer it to those who have completed Thinning The Pack.

You might notice from the image attached to this post that card backgrounds have been tweaked again. Let me know if you like it (or not!).

Cancon last weekend was great fun. Tiring, but great fun. Thanks to everyone who stopped to chat and try Roun out. It’s been great to see new players appear in the beta.