Too big to flail

That most insidious of boss mobs has arrived in Ceyador… the banker!

Keep your parties travel costs down by stashing cards into the bank, now available on the bags screen in all major towns. Want to stow away some gold too, quarantining it against any futures losses when fleeing battles? Convert your gold to card form by purchasing a sack of 500 coins from any store.

With the arrival of the bank travel costs have been revamped. Hopefully now the system is a little simpler. Every ten cards in your party deck (those cards not equipped on a character) adds twenty five percent to the cost of travel regardless of card type. Remember, recalling to your bound town is always free and can be done whenever you like. So when those travel costs start to creep up it might be time to consider porting back to town, selling loot and stashing valuables in the bank.