Strike That

In an effort to make battles a little snappier there’s been some changes made to player character skills:

  • All followers can now use Strike
  • Guardians have a new skill, Bash, which is a short range melee damage dealer that also reduces the target’s power until they next play any card
  • The following skills are no longer available to player character (but you might still see them on non player characters)
    • Cover
    • Daze
    • Evade
    • Incendiary
    • Restore
    • Steady

This means that of the seven skills available to each type of follower three are primarily damage dealing. Hopefully this will reduce the number of battles that just go on a little too long.

Surge has been tweaked. The power buff it provides now lasts until the character next plays a card – not just until the end of their next round. A clever follower might put Arc on an opponent immediately prior to playing Surge on themselves. Speaking of which you should now find that any effects which are being impacted on by other power modifying effects have their descriptive texts updated accordingly (e.g. Losing X health per turn). Prior to this fix they did not take into account any power modification on the source (they worked correctly but their descriptions could be wrong).

The Beast Lure one use cards have been overhauled. Prior to this change they would summon a random beast character of the appropriate rank. This could sometimes be a little silly. For instance you might throw down a lure in the watery caverns underneath Lake Nagoa and have a griffin appear. Griffins aren’t normally known for hanging out in watery underground caverns.

Most locations now have one specific character that lures will attract. If your lure is not high enough rank for that character it will have no effect – if you check the round report it will show that ‘no creature was attracted to your lure’. Throwing a lure higher than the beasts’ rank will work fine.  Some locations have no beasts available at all and lures will never work there. In such places you might want to have a Summoning Crystal tucked in your girdle. These new one use cards, which will be available as a random drop from magic users all over Ceyador soon, will summon a specific arcane character regardless where you use them.