So long, timeouts!

Timeouts aren’t fun and they’re not in Roun anymore.

Previously, when you won a rare battle featuring a named enemy that battle would not be available again for another 24 hours. So if you didn’t get their named loot item you had a day of waiting before even having the chance to roll up that particular battle and try again.

I’ve tried a few different things here but this is the new system: if you win and get the rare loot item then you don’t ever see that battle again while you still have that loot item. Destroy or sell the loot and that battle will immediately become available again. If you lose, or win and don’t roll up the rare loot, then the battle simply remains available.

I feel there was probably a simpler way of saying that. You get what I mean.

While we’re talking about loot, Fabricarnum is no longer the only God with charms scattered around Ceyador. Faturna, Goddess of Fortune, has stashed her ‘fortune charms’ far and wide.  Collect them and have peace of mind that, should the spoils of a particular battle not be to your liking, you may invoke Faturna’s name and reroll the dice of fate. Check your inventory, for a couple of tokens have already mysteriously appeared in your possession.