Roun – An indie online roleplaying card game

Welcome to Roun.

If you enjoy traditional fantasy themes, card games, exploration and non-linear play then I hope you’ll enjoy this game.

Roun has been under development as a part time hobby of mine for a little over three years now. Recently the pace has started to pick up a bit. In the last three months I’ve finally gotten the server side hosted and had the joy of seeing people log in and play but there is still a lot to do. Content is at maybe 10 percent of where it needs to be, the trade skill and quest systems have to crawl out of my head and become a thing, the battle of the bugs still flares up occasionally and there are many more art assets needed. Even so, I think what I have now is getting to the point where it’s ready to be pushed in front of a wider audience.

So if you’re in Canberra over the 2017 Australia day weekend and headed to CanCon at EPIC (and if you’re at all interested in tabletop or card games then you surely are) drop by my table and get some hands on. I’ll be the guy in the link corridor, somewhere on a spectrum between bewildered and panicked, squished between traders who actually know what they’re doing.