One use cards have arrived

Look out for these items as you travel through Ceyador:


healingpotion1 resurrectionscroll1

Here’s their skill descriptions and what they do at rank 1 (like normal abilities though they are available in rank 1 to 5 versions):

Gas Bomb: Lob this sealed clay pot at an enemy. When it breaks open they will be enveloped in a cloud of poisonous gas and take ongoing effect damage. Does not work on undead or elementals. This item is consumed when the card is played. Rank 1: The target suffers 0.5xP effect damage each turn. This effect can be placed on an enemy up to one position away.

Fire Bomb: Light the fuse and toss this small clay pot toward your foes. On impact it explodes into a firey ball of effect damage. This item is consumed when the card is played. Rank 1:  Inflict 1xP effect damage on an opponent directly or diagonally opposite.

Smoke Bomb: Smash a small pot at your feet and be enveloped by dark smoke. This cover will allow you to avoid some missile and at higher ranks melee damage. This item is consumed when the card is played. Rank 1: Avoid 0.5xP missile damage.

Healing Potion: Instantly restore your own health or pass it to an injured ally. This item is consumed when the card is played. Rank 1: Restore 1xP health. This card may be played on self or an adjacent ally.

Resurrection Scroll: Read this scroll over the body of a fallen ally to return them to life. This item is consumed when the card is played. Rank 1: Fallen ally is healed for 0.5xP health.

As you might have gathered from the skill descriptions, these cards are consumed when they are played. So when a normal ability would have been either returned to your hand or placed on the discard pile these cards are removed from the game for good. They have a gold value and can be looted from fallen enemies, with a chance of dropping in lieu of an ability card. Just like ability drops there is only a chance of one per battle. Rank 1 healing potions and resurrection scrolls can also be purchased in cities. Also every time a new party member joins your group they now bring a little gift of a healing pot along with their token crafting rune.

What I really like about these cards is that any number of them can be played directly in the hand of an NPC character. There are already a lot of mechanics for differentiating bad guys such as their skills, health, power, character types and intrinsic abilities but now I can also give them specific loadouts of one time cards to make them even more unique.

More one use cards are planned. Pretty soon I hope to have summoning and reanimation scrolls so that your party can get a little elemental or undead action going on.

Anyway if you’re playing in the alpha let me know what you think. If you’re not in the alpha and would like to be drop me a line at

Here is a little video about one use cards I tweeted earlier: