Mono gave me an itch

It’s been a little quiet on the news front lately but a lot has been happening behind the scenes.

Roun is up on Itch at The download page of this site now points to the Itch page.

The client has been migrated to the latest version of Monogame. This means that it now works with current Nvidia drivers. Previously you might have seen a crash to desktop after patching if your Nvidia drivers were more recent than late last year. It’s been great to finally resolve this. A flow on effect is that location background sound is now stored more compactly server side so there won’t be significant lag between arriving at a new location and background sounds playing. Conversely the installer has actually become quite a bit bigger but is still a manageable 38MB.

Speaking of installers – this change – including recompilation of all assets – cannot be applied by the patcher. So unfortunately if you’re already in the Beta you will need to uninstall then get the latest version from Itch. All data has been preserved except for two things:

  1. Any parties that were in combat prior to the upgrade are now out of combat. This does not count as a win or loss. Arena win/loss records are unaffected and no battle fatigue was caused.
  2. The information about alternate character card choices has been lost so all followers are now on the default portrait for their class. If you’d like your followers changed back just let me know which of them should be which gender/skin tone combination.

Micro transaction support is in so there is now a store page on the site. At the moment there is only one product for sale – 500 gold for $5. Hopefully the balance of travel costs and gold drops is good enough that nobody ever feels they have to buy gold but I wanted the option to be there. I intend to offer other items for sale soon with a mind to never making them essential for progress in game.

I intend to only add one or two more features before calling feature complete and concentrating purely on content. The next thing I plan to implement is a ‘crafting charms’ system where a new dropped item will allow for rerolling crafting attempts. Hopefully more on that soon.

Thanks for playing, good luck on your travels in Ceyador.