Ceyador’s populace spreads across many farming communities, rural hamlets and coastal villages but the majority live within seven great cities. The greatest is Cirillian, seat of hereditary rule from which King Canas holds court. Your story begins in one of the other six.


Fairfield is a beautiful city shining off the north west Ceyadorian coast under a sea of fluttering banners. It is home to great painters, famous bards and revered poets and is indisputably the home of Ceyadorian art. The populace are immensely proud of the artistic heritage of their city and celebrate it at every opportunity. Visitors can be overwhelmed with the number of festivals and expositions which crowd Fairfield’s calendar, some overlapping on the same day. Despite an obsession with the arts Fairfieldians are far from shirking in their military duty to the king. On the contrary, tales of chivalry and heroism feature centrally in much Fairfieldian art and historical military campaigns are devotedly commemorated in verse, prose and painting. Many young citizens eagerly seek service to be a part of the next great military saga. Orton

Orton has the look of a fortified city, built to withstand the onslaught of a determined foe. Sitting in the foothills of the massive Brokenspine mountains which form an impenetrable wall along Ceyador’s northern coastline it is dominated by the sturdy stone walls of a massive keep. Although it has been many years since the city has withstood a besieging army its bloody martial history has shaped the place and the populace. The people of Orton are considered dour, though they might prefer to describe themselves as stoic. They are certainly loyal folk who greatly admire and honour their Duke and king. All families have a strong tradition of service but Ortoners will describe past military campaigns in somber terms of hardships endured and loved ones fallen rather than glorified feats of chivalry. They are strong, dependable people.Aragol

High atop the northeastern cliffs of Ceyador stand the mighty towers of mystical Aragol. Winding cobbled streets meander through parks and plazas, lit by glowing orbs suspended upon nothing at all. All roads converge on massive Sorcerer’s Hall, ancient school of magical art, said to have risen out of the ground by the will of legendary historical Ceyadorian figure and seemingly immortal Duke of the city, Mysteriol the Enchanter. The city is ancient, having grown around the hall. Although not all residents of Aragol are magicians few would not be related to someone who has passed through the doors of Sorcerer’s Hall.Birchwood

Birchwood is the youngest and smallest of the great cities of Ceyador and some might argue that it is really a large walled town. Lying in a heavily forested area on the south western coast Birchwood is populated by hardy frontier men and women. Hunting and fishing form the basis of the local economy and many a child raised here has grown with a bow in their hand. Although these rough pioneers have a strong individualist streak, Birchwood people honour and respect their Duke and King.Mason's Rest

The great walled city of Mason’s Rest gleams on the outskirts of Ceyador’s marshy southern coast. The city is orderly and scrupulously maintained. The local populace are disciplined, almost regimental in their strict adherence to rigid moral codes and observant devotion at dozens of temples which rise upon pillars of marble and stone. Every religion practiced throughout the land is represented here and although many might be considered incompatible they all coexist peacefully under the watchful eye of the Duke and his personal police force of pious clerics. This city is a monument to religious freedom and, some might say, rigidly enforced conformity.Osseltoni

Osseltoni is a city of contrasts on the lip of Ceyador’s southeastern Slaugher bay. Elegantly crafted towers and opulent mansions rise amongst dark twisted alleyways running between crowded hovels. The city is amongst the oldest in the land and has a long history of producing shrewd military leaders, unfortunately it also known as the home of corruption and political intrigue. It is often said of the Osseltoni nobility that they ‘hide daggers behind smiles’. The commoners are sometimes pitied by outsiders for their apparent exploitation by criminals and ruthless political opportunists. The people themselves take a more philisophical view of their lot and often earnestly proclaim a deep love of their complex home.


Ceyador is an expansive nation of green fields, wide lakes, dense forests and towering mountains. There are dozens of wild places where adventure can be found.

West Marwich Edge

Southwestern Ceyador is blanketed by Marwich, an extremely dense and forboding wood. Its western edge borders the coastal frontier town Birchwood but no roads track through the forest. Instead they loop westward around the northern edge of the heavy woods traversing far less densely treed areas. Marwich is known to be home to wild elves, bandits and any number of woodland beast. This western edge is perhaps the safest corner, closest to an outpost of civilisation.

Mysteriol's Landing

The majestic Broken Spine mountains are dotted with jutting plateaus such as Mysteriol’s Landing. Treacherous staircases hewn from cold rock join these lonely places. Students and staff of Sorcerer’s Hall have been known to wander them. Some meditate and commune with the ancient mountains. Others seek solitude to contemplate the mysteries of the arcane. Enigmatic Duke Mysteriol himself has pondered here, attuned to the flows of ancient magic which bubble and roil unseen, deep below the Broken Spine. The crisp mountain air swirls in a refreshing breeze and some hardy birds trill from further down the mountain. This plateau is serene but secluded places aligned with mystic power can lure hungry arcane beings.

Osseltoni Sewers

Beyond a well concealed entrance off a Bowl side alley lies an entrance to Osseltoni Sewers. It appears reasonably clear of refuse, perhaps more so than the streets above. Somebody has kept this place in order. Somebody who is certainly not the city authorities. They could do nothing about the stench though, which is overwhelming. You have no doubt that however clear the shady denizens of this place have kept their hideout there are going to be many dark corners where all manner of danger lurks.

Spitefang Burrow

Feeble shafts of light filter through the fallow crop fields of Dunsberry farm into a series of interconnected subterranean caverns known as Spitefang Burrow. The air is heavy and fetid. Nasci tracks are everywhere on the dusty earthern floor. There must be hundreds of them down here.