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Industry news

From September 17 to 19, 2021, the 17th China (Liangshan) special purpose vehicle exhibition is sincerely invited to attend

As an annual industry event of special purpose vehicle industry

China (Liangshan) Special Purpose Vehicle Exhibition

Since it was first held in 2005


It has become a new product and technology of special purpose vehicle in China

"Wind vane" of development“

At last year's exhibition

658 exhibitors and 468 vehicles

No matter the number of exhibitors or vehicles

A new high

It can be seen that after 16 years of cultivation

Liangshan special purpose vehicle exhibition matures day by day

Run a fair well

Promote an industry

Create business card of industry

Liangshan special purpose vehicle exhibition growing with China's special purpose vehicle industry

Just like a recorder and witness of the times

Witness the whole industry

From a single spark to a prairie fire

From babbling to maturing

September 17, 2021

The 17th China (Liangshan) Special Purpose Vehicle Exhibition

Come again as promised

At the same time, the recruitment work started synchronously



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