Fixes, changes and new places

The reason behind intermittent client side instability has revealed itself and a fix has gone it which should improve things significantly. Also the annoying bug where a party member could miss their turn if they moved into a spot vacated by the demise of a previous occupant has been fixed.

I’ve made a bit of a change to how end of turn effects get processed for large enemies. As it stood they were processed for each position the character took up. So say a size two creature took up the first two positions on the NPC team and had a damage over time, say poison, on them. At the end of the round for the first NPC position the poison would take effect and cause damage. At the end of the round for the second NPC position the poison would take effect again and the same creature would again take damage. So effectively the damage over time per turn was doubled for the size two target.

Now imagine a size six target with poison, arc and dirge on them. The size six ultra scary monster would be taking such massive damage every turn they suddenly aren’t so scary any more. And that doesn’t really make sense – even in role-playing terms. Why would a dragon suffer more from being poisoned than a goblin would?

So now that’s changed. Any end of turn effects are processed for the first position of a character. Of course this also means that beneficial effects, like mend or regenerating flesh are only going to be processed once per turn too. Swings and roundabouts.

Two new places are in! Another option presents itself for wanderers exiting Fairfield. Follow the King’s Road to the south east and you will encounter the lovely western Kira plains. Come sample the borox hunting but travelers are advised to keep a wary eye on the heavens. Meanwhile those who have grown accustomed to the peaceful tranquility of Lake Nagoa should be on the lookout for a new encounter which adds hidden depths to this picturesque location.