Fabricarnum, The Maker God

Not having much luck with your crafting attempts? While crafting will always add something beneficial to the item you’re improving it isn’t always going to be exactly what you were after. Luckily the followers of Fabricarnum have scattered their charms throughout Roun. They can now be found as a rare drop off any enemy and all existing parties will find that two have magically appeared tucked away in their inventory. New parties also begin with two.

The number of charms you hold will be visible while crafting. After the attempt has been made if you are not happy with the result simply retry to consume one charm and get a guaranteed different outcome. This does not require the use of any additional rune or crafting materials. Retry as many times as you wish and have charms for.

Want to stock up on charms for a little crafting insurance? Visit the store page to purchase extras.

As always, thanks for playing Roun and let me know what you think of this new feature at info@roungame.com.