Drain the Swamp

Murklurk Swamp that is. Newly discovered south east of Osseltoni this foul, watery den is Roun’s newest tier four location. Populated by ravenous, ancient reptiles and sentient pools of living disease it’s a natural wonder that you really should take time to visit.

Some tuning and minor mechanic changes have happened recently.

  • Fleeing – If your party flees battle (either beforehand to avoid the battle entirely or during) and cannot cover the cost in coin they now lose all gold they do have and suffer battle fatigue.
  • Battle fatigue – Is now instantly cleared the moment your party enters any city, including by teleportation.
  • Loot – The harder the battle the better the loot. Any encounter above normal difficulty has commensurately better chances for valuable or rare loot drops including rune, charm and ability cards.
  •  Health for large mobs – Big enemies now have greater health, increasingly so for every space they take up beyond the first. I’m not sure how this will work out – any feedback is appreciated, especially as concerns large enemies encountered at lower levels.
  • Necklace crafting – It is no longer possible to improve the rank of neck items via crafting. It was always intended that necklaces be upgraded only by questing.

Speaking of jewelry, want to further demonstrate your devotion to a member of Roun’s pantheon? Appropriately consecrated rings are now available for purchase at all major cities. These rank one items are prime targets for crafting, level them with you on your journey across Ceyador. They ah, aren’t cheap though.