Dragonthrone Peak

The first tier five location has been added to Roun!

Dragonthrone Peak map

If your party has ascended to the wintry heights of Frostbite Ridge push them on to Dragonthrone Peak but be prepared. Sentient blizzards, marauding frost giants and Ceyador’s greatest challenge yet, mighty dragons, all call this remote pinnacle home.

It’s been a while since my last post and there’s been a lot more happening. Adventurers who have braved the depths of Spitefang Burrow will find there is now even further to explore. The lair of the Milk Mother can’t be too much further down.

An important new feature has been introduced. Tier one and two wilderness areas now offer trials  – eventually all non town areas will. Trials are an alternate way to obtain new ability cards, meaning there are now four: loot drops, training, quests and trials.

You can think of trials as little mini achievements. They need to be completed within a single battle and are repeatable indefinitely. Check them out whenever you enter a new location to see what’s on offer. If you meet the requirements of one during a battle you’ll be informed that it can now be claimed. Return to the trials screen at any time to collect your reward.Trials

So if you’re having trouble find an enemy that plays the ability card you want keep an eye out for trials. There’s one for every tier one and two ability now – eventually there’ll be a trial for all of them. Of course you won’t know exactly where the trial you want can be found but hopefully this is another good reason to get out and explore.

Several abilities have been tweaked since the last post to make less played ones more useful. More server side tweaks have been made and I’m finally pretty happy with the speed at which battles play out. In major news Ceyadorians have finally discovered password reset technology, sparking celebrations throughout the realm.