Death penalties

Roun’s death penalty, Battle Fatigue, changed majorly today. Originally it applied only when your party lost a battle. It applied equally to all members and always lasted for one hour, extending if you were defeated again within that hour. A couple of people said they thought this was unreasonable, especially for new players who, while learning how to play, lost an early battle. After giving it a fair bit of thought I decided that a couple of things should change.

Firstly, it shouldn’t be an all or nothing proposition. Now instead of the entire party getting fatigued on a loss and nobody getting fatigued on a win, whenever a party member is defeated that individual party member immediately receives battle fatigue. Even if the group goes on to win the battle that one member will still be fatigued (unless they’re rezzed and rest before the battle finishes, more on that in a moment). If the battle is lost then all members must have been defeated so as before they all have battle fatigue.

Secondly, there are no more time outs. It is up to the player when they remove fatigue from individual members. They do that by resting them. Whenever a fatigued party member rests their fatigue immediately vanishes. That means if you are OK playing on with the penalty you can do that. It will eventually resolve itself because at some point you’re going to have to rest the fatigued member anyway. If you don’t want to put up with it then just rest them immediately. That’s a significant tactical choice though. Resting right at the start of the next battle means you’re throwing away the four cards initially in your hand and it’s probably going to be another couple of rounds before you’re really back in the game.

Battle fatigue, unlike other negative effects, persists beyond death. If the fatigued character is returned to the battle via a spiritualist’s ressurection ability they are still going to be fatigued. From that point they can choose to rest and the fatigue will be removed, even in the same battle they were defeated in. I’m considering adding fatigue removal as a side effect of the bard’s refresh ability but I’m not entirely sure about that yet.

I think this is going to be a good change. It makes the penalty more granular and gives the player control over how it’s handled. Also, it makes the defeat of an individual member significant even when you’re confident that you’re going to go on and win the battle. No more throwing your squishy arcanist under the bus and having no repercussions for that when the next battle begins. That also has the effect of making the hide option a bit more relevant.