Crafty Runes

I know crafting hasn’t even been in for long but there’s been a pretty significant change made to it.

In the previous post I spoke about how there are normal and glowing crafting runes. Well now there are normal, glowing and shining runes. Shining runes behave just like glowing runes with one little bonus – they increase the stats of the item they are modifying. Each time they are applied the items power and health (normally either power OR health as there are not yet any items with both power AND health in the game) go up by one. This shouldn’t be too overpowering as whenever an item is actually increased in rank, which it must if it is to be further improved once it has three modifiers on it, then the power and health get reset to the base items power and health times the new rank anyway. So this is just a way to get a little extra oomph out of items between rank increases.

The drop rates of the various types of runes are something which will have to be tweaked over time. Right now I think normal runes may drop a little too often and shining runes may be a little too rare. We’ll see how it goes.