Crafting is so in

The crafting system has finally made its way into Roun.

As it stands at the moment – and I don’t think this is likely to change – crafting can be used to enhance existing items, not make new items. So it should probably be called the ‘enhancing system’. To craft you’re going to need a crafting rune. Runes vary in rank from one to five. Every creature has a chance to drop a rune of that creatures level. There is a different flavour of rune for all six character types: rune of Jirin for bards, rune of Dravax for guardians, rune of Elvra for arcanists, rune of Falguran for archers, rune of Hylore for spiritualists and rune of Veralis for rogues. Thankfully each has a helpful carving of the appropriate character icon upon it.

Once you have a rune (and whenever you hire a new party member they come with one first level rune as an added bonus) proceed to a great city to begin crafting. Don’t forget to bring an equipable item you want to improve and a couple of loot cards. On the crafting screen, which you can get to from the new navigation bar item of a hammer striking an anvil, you must select one rune, one equipment item and two different loot cards. Click on the craft button. What happens next is a little complex.

Your selected rune and loot cards will be consumed and you’ll see some text explaining the new equipment modifier that has now been added to your equipment. Equipment modifiers are the text that reads like “+1 to Strike 1 vs Greenskin” or “Endurance – 1 to Arc 1 ” or “-2 from Bite 2 by Beast” etc. All items in Roun start out with one or two equipment modifiers. If you scroll down the info side of your improved equipment card you’ll see your new modifier listed there. The game decides which ability card your modifier will apply based on the loots you used and the rank of the crafting rune. The chosen ability is one that can be played by a character that drops one of the two loot cards you chose. So for instance if you chose an animal fang and a feather you might get a modifier for, let’s say Bite since that can be played by a wolf and a wolf can drop an animal fang. You might instead have gotten say Dive, since that can be played by a condor and a condor can drop a feather. Really wanted a modifier against something a wolf can play? Try choosing animal fang and wolf pelt as your loot cards and increase the odds since a wolf can drop both those items.

There is also always the chance that, instead of getting a modifier which helps protect against a creatures attacks, you get a modifier which enhances an ability of your own. That’s where the rune flavours come in. Modifying a pair of hemp pants and want to get a modifier for a spiritualist skill? Make sure you’re using a rune of Hylore. Really, really want to ensure that you get a modifier for one of your characters skills, not for a skill relevant to a creature based on the loot cards? Hold out for a glowing rune. Glowing runes are a much rarer drop than regular runes but they guarantee to modify a skill playable by the appropriate character type for the rune used. This is always going to be preferable as the modifier is then useful regardless of the monsters the character happens to be facing in any particular battle.

Once an equipment card has three modifiers the only way it can further improved is to increase its rank. That’s done by crafting with a higher rank rune than the equipment. Do that and the gear transforms into a new item with appropriately inflated power and health stats and it’s name will change to sport an adjective based on its new rank, improved, fine, mastercraft or exquisite, for ranks two to five respectively. Note that you don’t need to have three modifiers before increasing the rank. You don’t even have to go through the ranks in order. You could buy a rank one pair of cloth gloves from a store, whack a level five rune on it and jump straight to exquisite cloth gloves if you wanted to. Whenever you do increase an items rank bear in mind that any previous modifiers are removed – the new item will just have one modifier and that modifier will be appropriate for the rank of the rune used in its upgrading.

So that’s the new crafting system which is  live now. I really hope it’s going to prove an interesting element in the game. Now to set my sights on the quest system.