Roun is in open Beta testing. Almost all features expected to be in the final game have been implemented but there is still a lot of content to add and some bugs to fix.

You can download the 38MB Windows PC client from here:

Or from here:

Download Roun Setup – Indie DB

Or just download it direct from this very site here:

Roun Setup

After installation start the game and click New Player on the login screen to enter your desired username, password and your email address. Don’t worry, I won’t spam you. The email address is just so I can send a reset password somewhere if needed. This is all the information I keep about you and I never see your password which is stored hashed and salted.

To report bugs or just to let me know what you think, please email

Thanks for taking part in the Beta. I hope you have fun.

P.S. When and if Roun ever gets out of Beta the intention is that all existing player data will be retained. So don’t be put off joining in because you think your parties will be wiped at some point. They almost certainly won’t be.