Humans have gradually spread across the entire continent of Ceyador, supplanting bestial Orcs as the dominant race. It is from the human population that you will draw followers to carve out your epic legacy. Your initial choice of starting city will determine the nature of your first follower,either Arcanist, Archer, Bard, Guardian, Rogue or Spiritualist. Each type have their own unique skills and abilities.


An arcanist strives to master the mysteries of the arcane, to understand, shape and control the unseen mystic forces. In most parts of Roun they are feared and respected.

Archers are warriors who favour the bow. Their ability to target individual high priority foes in an enemy force make them deadly combatants.


The bard carries the responsibility of preserving ancient oral and musical storytelling arts. In military service they inspire and energize their allies.


The guardian has dedicated him or herself to military service. They seek to shield and protect their allies while engaging opponents in single combat.

Rogues are shadowy characters skilled in manipulation and murder. They can effect massive melee damage against single, nearby targets.


Most spiritualists are devout followers of Hylore, That Which Bought Life. All have dedicated their lives to healing the sick and injured.


All manner of creature populate the wild locales of Ceyador. Forests are home to goblins, werewolves and more natural beasts. Graveyards are haunted by ghosts, wraiths and other undead abominations. Far flung sources of mystic power attract deadly arcane beings. Dark dungeons hold giant spiders, rats and a great variety of other horrific monsters. Meanwhile the entire continent is covered by bandits, thieves and other unsavory characters. The threat these creatures pose to your party vary widely. Some spread infectious disease, some paralyze your followers with fear, almost all have some form of biting or striking attack. More obscure creatures can perform wonders such as changing form in the middle of a battle or even split themselves apart to multiply your enemies.

Giant Rat
A large, aggressive, disease riddled rodent.

Spirits of the wandering dead. These apparitions are more frightening than dangerous.

Goblins are small, green skinned creatures with viscous tempers. Their natural animosity has prevented the many tribes from uniting under a common banner.