Ceyador – Not a sh*thole

Looks like another two months have passed by without a news post. That’s good because it means we have a lot to talk about.

Synchronous PVP is in! Bored with beating up on offline players in city arenas? Head out into the wilderness and issue a public or private duel to render a beatdown in real time! Unlike the arena system no gold wager is required and there are no win/loss records maintained. Instead you gain duel rating points (and bragging rights). As their name suggests, public duels are open for anybody to jump into – you will be offered up to four available opponents closest to your party rank when looking to start something in public. Private duels are an invitation only affair. When you start a private duel you’ll get a code which you must communicate to your intended victim. How to do that when Roun has no chat system you ask? Well that leads me to my next point.

Roun is coming to Steam! The store page is up now: check it out. Did you check it out? You’ll have noticed then that it’s coming in Early Access next month with an intended full release midyear. I’m thinking this will give me time to add some more content – at least rounding out the tier five locations and some more quests. Quick note: the necklace quest for Spiritualists is in. If you’ve previously helped out the temple of Hylore in Mason’s Rest by completing the Making Your Bones quest you might want to drop by again and see if they need any more help with the ongoing undead problem. Further quick notes: this quest is the first where a battle spawns from an action taken in the quest itself as opposed to simply making a battle available for you find. That’s to say that a battle actually begins directly from the quest screen when you take a certain action. It’s also the first quest where you will be joined in battle by a temporary ally (not a summoned or lured beast – a specific, quest relevant character). Expect to see these things happen more often in future quests.

But back to Steam and Early Access. I’ve decided to go the whole hog with Valve’s platform. The client software has been redeveloped so you no longer need to provide a username, password or email address when making a new account. If you’re logged into Steam, that’s all you need. The way this works behind the scenes is actually a little tricky. You still have a username as far as Roun is concerned, but it’s your Steam ID. You even have a password, it’s just randomly assigned when your Steam session is authenticated and changes each session. Anyway, before I divulge details I probably shouldn’t, the point is it’s now seamless – just launch the client from Steam and you’re good to go. This also makes purchasing from the store much simpler. Transactions can now be completed entirely in game.

The very same client software still works outside of Steam but here’s the delicate part – it won’t for much longer. Once the Steam Early Access begins I’m going to cut off the old username/password beta logins. Trust me, I do this with a heavy heart, but I think it’s necessary. A clean slate going beyond this point is for the best. Come start afresh in the green fields of Early Access as Roun journeys on to it’s full release.

Also, are you in Canberra this weekend? It’s Cancon time again! Come and check out the new Steam client. I’m on table six in the link corridor.