Cancon is coming

There’s about six week to go until Cancon. That’s a little daunting.

If you’re going to be there drop by my stall in the link corridor. I’ll have Roun running for you to try and I’ll be handing out codes for access to the Alpha. Create your account using one of those codes and get the very special Cancon shield! This hardy little off hand item grants the wielder one extra health, crucial for starting areas. Old Cancon hands and members of the Canberra Games Society  will recognize the dice playing dragon emblazoned across it.

You might have noticed from the picture that cards have a slightly different background now. I’ve tried to improve the overall aesthetic of the interface lately. That is to say I’ve at least given it a consistent color scheme (I think!), updated the fonts and tweaked the dialogues a little. You can see the changes in a short, Twitter friendly video I made.

Here are a couple of screenshots. Hopefully you’ll agree that at least color wise it looks a little better put together now.