Auto Complete

A new feature has made it into Roun today.

It’s now possible to let your group take the reins in battle while you sit back and offer encouragement from the sidelines. Just tap the auto button and watch them take charge of their own destiny. If things seem to be getting out of hand tap auto again to offer some direct supervision then, once you think things are back on track, it’s just another tap to relinquish control again.

I think it’s an interesting addition to the game. It’s almost a different game – like a management sim. The AI is still pretty atrocious though so I don’t recommend leaving your followers to their own devices in any battle that looks dicey – not if you’re particularly keen on winning it.

Some other recent changes:

  • Travel costs are now affected how many followers are in your party and the number of cards in your party deck (not equipped cards in your character decks)
  • On the next turn after resting characters have two cards in their hand instead of one
  • Abilities of the Mend skill now break when the affected character takes any amount of non effect damage

Hopefully I can resist making further rule or feature changes soon. I really need to knuckle down and generate some more tier two content.