A stunning change

That is to say, I changed Stun. This rogue skill originally did one thing… I don’t even remember what… but that didn’t work out so had to be changed. When I changed it I was frankly a bit lazy. There were already two perfectly good Archer skills that added to an opponents endurance costs, Snare and Pin. Making Stun do the same thing (even if it’s method of delivery was quite different, Stun is short range melee) was a bit of a cop out. It also stole the Archer’s thunder a little.

Now Stun is very different, it’s the first skill to mess with an opponents positive effects, removing one of them with a few conditions. The effect can’t be intrinsic, like Free Spirit or Incorporeal Body. It also can’t be an effect gained from equipment. The effect removed must be from an ability card of equivalent or lessor rank than the played Stun. The actual effect removed is chosen at random after discounting intrinsic and equipment ones. So you might play Stun 2 on an enemy with both rank 1 and 2 effects and find it’s actually the rank 1 effect that gets removed. I think this is an appropriate skill for a Rogue – it’ll be interesting to see what it plays like.

I’ve also tweaked Spiritualists a bit. Starting out with just a Spiritualist was tough, probably too tough. Unlike the other characters Spiritualists only get one attacking skill, Smite. It’s great against undead with the added damage over time component but only average against anything else. I wondered what else I could give them while staying true to the concept of a healer Eventually I settled on Sacrosanctity (which the text editor is telling me isn’t a word but really is). This skill declares the caster Sacrosanct. Any melee damage they take causes effect damage to be reflected back on the attacker. Undead (which the text editor also thinks isn’t a word, seriously?) attackers also discard a number of cards from their ability stack. I feel this should make solo Spiritualists more effective in combat while not compromising their pacifist ideals.

One other pretty big change. Drawing consecutive copies of the same unwanted card from your ability stack is not just bad luck – it’s also frustrating and kind of not fun. A change has been made that will ensure whenever an ability stack is rebuilt there will be very little chance that two of the same card end up stacked next to each other. Different ranked cards of the same skill aren’t affected. This hasn’t been tested much yet but from the battles I’ve played since the change, well, I like it.

A bunch of new monster and general gear images have gone in and a new location has been added to Osseltoni! Come and enjoy some rustic charm at the old docks. Keep one hand on your coin purse at all times.