A Questing We Will Go

Happy new year! Also, the first quests are in!

At the moment there are only six – one for each starting area – but more will be up soon. Right now we have:

You met a pieman: A shady pie merchant in Osseltoni’s The Bowl wants you to source some questionable pie ingredients.
The lady’s favour: Lady Eloise of Fairfield lost a much loved item of jewelry when her party was set upon in Dunsberry Farm.
Making your bones: The temple of Hylore in Mason’s Rest wants to purify bones of the restless dead.
Geomancing the stone: In Sorcerer’s Hall the laboratory of Geomancy needs reagents.
Holding back the tide: Farmers in Orton are willing to reward you for reducing the greenskin threat.

I think the quest system is pretty flexible and although the first quests are fairly straightforward it’ll allow for more complex ones in future. These might change  but things I like about it at the moment are:

  • Quest steps can be dependent on anything – wearing a certain item in a certain location, having a particular type of follower, being a certain party rank (obviously), having slain a specific number of a certain type of npc, having discovered a hidden location or having a specific amount of gold – anything really
  • Quest steps can involve taking choices allowing for branching logic and possibly changing the reward on offer – for instance see how Lady Eloise responds if, instead of accepting her favour, you ask for gold
  • The rewards from a quest can be random. Right now the pieman offers a random consumable item whilst the priests of Hylore will give random (Spiritualist) ability cards
  • Quests can spawn quest specific battles but you are not forced to play them out until you want to
  • There is no limit to the number of quests you can be on at a time
  • There is a visual indicator when you are looking at the quest list if any of them can be progressed at the moment
  • Quests cannot be abandoned, they must be resolved. For example if you sell or destroy Lady Eloise’s unique pendant after finding it you’ll have to apologise to her if you want to get the quest off your books
  • It’s perfectly fine to have completed a quest requirement before you actually find the quest. For instance the farmers of Orton will happily hand over their reward straight away if you’ve already dispatched the appropriate number of goblins when you meet them
  • The outcome of your quest is forever recorded so that new ones can be dependent on how you resolved previous ones

A couple of tweaks have been made.

Two handed weapons have greater power to compensate for giving up the off hand slot. Speaking of off hand slots, shields now have a weight which results in encumbrance penalties just like other armour (most will be heavy but not all). A couple of the new quests reward interesting no weight off hand items.

Named weapons such as Sloag’s envenomed dirk no longer drop if the party already has one. I’m thinking about some indicator on the card indicating an item’s uniqueness but for now it might be better to just have a general rule – if it’s named, it’s unique.

It’s Cancon month! Hope I see you there!